Alexa Automated smart homes

Elite Residence Lewisville tx - Alexa Smart Home

Create Voice Experiences for the Smart Home

With Alexa, you  can enable your built in voice-forward prodructs.  Your  smart home  offers a natural user interface. You can create delightful experiences with lights, switches, thermostats, cameras, door locks, and many more device types. You have the flexibility to either connect your devices to Alexa, enabling you to control them from Alexa devices, or create a fully integrated Alexa experience into your devices, enabling you to talk to them directly.

Your smart home devices will continue to become smarter with Alexa’s native smart home voice user interface, features such as Alexa Routines and Groups, and more.

Connect Devices to Alexa

Connect your smart home devices to Alexa by building an Alexa skill, enabling you to control them from tens of millions of Alexa devices.


You can ask Alexa to view live and recorded video feeds from your smart home cameras on Echo Show, Echo Spot, and FireTV. You can specify a variety of camera stream attributes including protocol, resolution, authorization type, and codecs.

Nest thermostats

You  can  use Alexa to control thermostat settings and to query current temperatures. We support single, dual, and triple set-point thermostats, as well as mode query and control.  With  the  smart  sense  feature  , the  thermostat  will  sense  your  proximity  to  your  home  and  begin  cooling  or  heating  accordingly . 

Smart Locks

Lock and unlock your door from anywhere, grant secure access to friends and family, and track who is coming and going, all from the August app. Automatically unlocks when you arrive and locks when you leave. August Smart Lock Pro works with all three voice assistants - Siri, Amazon Alexa, and the Google Assistant.

Smart Lights

Theres  no need  to  run  upstairs And  turn  off  the  lights  anymore.  You  can  now  control  most   lights  in  your  home  with  Alexa ,  your  smart  phone  from  anywhere  in  the  world.    

An intro to Alexa Smart homes

An intro to your complimentary Echo show that will control your home

Here’s a short video about August Smart locks

Here’s a short video about your  Nest outdoor camera

Here’s a short video about your nest thermostat 

Here’s a short video about Ring Doorbells